About Us

The DOL Foundation is managed by a core team of diverse veterans; each passionate about giving back to the communities we grew up within.

Some DOL Foundation Driving Thoughts:

We don’t have full-time staff on salary, office space(s), or marketing consultants.

We DO have a Christian calling to serve those who’ve given so much for our great nation.

We are highly selective in who we allow to coach for us and what certifications we offer. We are driven to help and will use our experiential knowledge to save you from making some of the same mistakes we’ve made.

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Scott Kinder

Scott is passionate about helping those around him grow and prosper and wants to help people become the best version of themselves possible.

I’m the Founder and CEO of DOL Coach, the CEO of the Center For Project Innovation, a partner in Unconventional Warrior, Unconventional Minds, and co-founder of an upcoming US university in Utah.

I’m a Special Forces combat veteran, former civil servant (GS13), and executive with roles across many industries (from Wall Street to internet startups to consulting). People who know me will tell you I’m passionate about helping those around me grow and prosper.

Vice Chairman of the Board

Otis W. McGregor III, CPD, CPC

LTC, Special Forces, US Army, Retired

My passion lies in helping people succeed. I’ve used this passion as fuel through years in the Army Special Operations and coaching rugby. It now drives me to create better leaders. I believe better leaders create better organizations, better organizations create better communities, and better communities will create a better world. 

I retired from the Army in 2009 as a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel following 25 years of service. I have a broad range of experience, ranging from driving tanks five years older than me; to engineering in the Arctic, to leading Green Berets on complex and dangerous missions around the world. Following retirement, I worked as a Business Development Manager, Director, and Chief Strategy Officer. In 2017, I pivoted my consulting business to align with how I operate and run our business purpose and re-branded to Tribe+Purpose. We focus on creating better leaders to lead high-performing teams. 

I also had the unique experience of being part of new organizations and creating these new units into cohesive, effective organizations. This experience ranged from arctic conditions in Alaska to counter-terrorism units in Iraq and Afghanistan to NATO Special Operations Headquarters. Being part of these organizations from the ground up has given me immense experience in creating successful organizations.

I worked as a Business Development Manager, Director, and Chief Strategy Officer for several companies. In 2010, I founded LTO Enterprises, LLC, to help businesses win more contracts. In 2021, I rebranded LTO to become Tribe + Purpose, aligning with how we operate and our business purpose. We focus on creating better leaders to lead high-performing teams. I am a certified business performance coach, project director, and trainer through The Institute of Project Management. 

I’ve used those skills and experiences to build successful teams, business units, and companies in the business world. I’ve led capture efforts and proposal development for large and small firms. These efforts have ranged from small task orders to multiple large entity Joint Ventures. In addition to my business development efforts, I ran multi-million-dollar programs for the government spread across the US and overseas. 

I possess a BS-Engineering Technology from Texas A&M University; MA-International Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School; Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC); COR.E Leadership & Performance Dynamics Specialist, IPEC; Certified Project Director and Certified Project Trainer, Institute of Project Management (IPM); USA Rugby Level 300 Coach.

I create better leaders, host a podcast, build high-performance teams and wrote the book Enable Your Teams Success. 

I live in Colorado with my wife, Suzanne. We have three grown children living in the USA.

Secretary of the Board

Junior Ortiz (LtCol USMC), CPD

Junior Ortiz is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Marines and the former Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans Employment. A Veteran of four wars with a professional career that spans over 40 years of working in government, corporate and the nonprofit sector.

He served as an enlisted man before being accepted to the United States Naval Academy, where he received his commission as a Second Lieutenant of Marines. His twenty-seven year career in the Marines encompassed many diverse assignments that ranged from Administration, Communication, Counter-drug Operations, Law Enforcement, Recruiting, Marketing and Advertising for the Marine Corps to professor and coach at the Naval Academy.

Upon retiring from the Marines, Mr. Ortiz worked as Senior Vice President and Director of Government Relations for MBNA America Bank; Director of Membership Development and Brand Relations for AARP; and was the Acting Assistant Secretary – a Presidential Appointee – for the Department of Labor and the Principal advisor to the Secretary of Labor on the design and implementation of all policies and procedures for Veterans employment, training, and transition assistance.

Today, Junior Ortiz is an Clinical Professor of Leadership at the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership, Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University. He conducts leadership workshops to help students focus on personal leadership, professional development, and management of human talent while developing strategic plans used to work with diverse populations in real-world leadership experiences.

He has a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a concentration in Latin American studies from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Mr. Ortiz has served and serves on numerous Corporate Board of Advisors, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of Associations and Veteran organizations in Texas and throughout the United States and has participated in numerous White House Task Forces and public policy initiatives. He is a Life Member of the Naval Academy Alumni Association, the Association of Naval Service Officers, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, the Military Officers Association of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and the American GI Forum of the United States.

Board Treasurer

Ramiro Villalobos

Ramiro Villalobos is a Certified Project Director and Trainer with DOL Coaching and a recent retired US Air Force Special Warfare Operator. He has an extensive background leading teaching, coaching and developing others and is ready to help others find clarity in the chaos of transition, business development and sometimes just life. He excels in customizing programs that foster project success and organizational excellence and has experience working with clients individually to companies with over 100 employees. His commitment to integrity, continuous improvement, and empowering others dovetails with his personal vision for achieving excellence in all facets of life. Ramiro touts accolades and certifications in project management, mediation, business coaching resiliency, and is actively earning his M.B.A. at Wake Forest University. He is eager to contribute his extensive experience and capabilities to further the mission of your life and your organizations.